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The Origin of Igloo Architecture
Established in 2008, Igloo Architecture was founded by Paul Crompton and Mark Lister who run the practice, who have a combined experience in architecture of 40 years. They have gained a reputation for client commitment, delivery and a passion for creative and responsible architecture. The two founding directors have often been described as ’like chalk and cheese’ but the fusion of two very different personalities and sets of skills has resulted in a uniquely innovative approach to the delivery of architectural services.

The Work We Do
Igloo Architecture is involved in a number of diverse developments including a significant portfolio of work for private clients.
Our portfolio is always expanding both in project type and geographic location

We have recent projects in Colchester, Anglesey, Manchester, Cheshire, Liverpool,
Lake District, Trowbridge, Keighley, Bradford

These include
• Prestigious Individual Houses
• Student Accommodation
• Retail
• Mixed Use Developments
• Multiple Occupancy Residential Developments
• Leisure
• Offices

A Client Focused Approach to Architecture
At Igloo planning and design, begins with a clear understanding of our clients and their hopes and requirements. We always strive to build with them a strong personal working relationship, which we see as the bedrock of what makes our projects successful.
By getting to the root of what our clients want, we move on to make unique and inventive solutions to their problems

Igloo Architecture has an excellent record of gaining planning approval. Granted planning applications include several in conservation areas. We firmly believe in the power of negotiation prior to application. Likewise negotiation forms the essence of our approach for dealing with the plethora of legislation and red tape that unfortunately now pervades our lives.

Much of our work is repeat business with people who have worked with the directors for many years.
Igloo Architecture has already established a strong and stable position in the marketplace and is now investing in consultancy work to refine and improve it’s systems and clarity of service.

Working at Downs and Variava our portfolio reflects work and experience covered over 25 years in both our careers

Innovating With Technology
We are excited by developments technology which allow us to design better and give our clients greater understanding of their project as it develops. Igloo utilises the latest 3 dimensional computerised design techniques which mean that all involved can see what the project is really going to look like throughout the design process. So often in the past, architects have confused clients with dry technical drawings that are difficult for the non expert to understand. At Igloo we take very seriously your understanding of the spaces we are creating for you and see technology as an integral way of doing this.

The Future
We look forward to each future year of developing and innovating both in our projects and the way we deliver our service. Our vision for the future is to create a beacon of excellence for how the architectural profession should adapt to a very different world. We are excited at the prospect of embracing new developments in technology many of which we can only dream of at the moment. We look forward many things; to seeing our family of successful projects grow year by year, to all the new clients we have yet to meet, but most of all we look forward to getting better and better at what we love to do.






“We know what we are but not what we may be"
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About us


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