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Multiple Unit Residential Development

Student Accommodation / Campus Master planning
The seamless integration of highly efficient new accommodation with inspirational site planning and landscaping.


 The partners were invited to submit proposals for redevelopment at Bangor University in North Wales, involving the creation of 1000 new bedrooms and extensive remodelling and landscaping of the site.

From the start, efficiency in using space was a key factor and numerous studies were made into how best to reduce the maximum floor area per student without compromising the quality of the living space. The proposed format for the accommodation was to be for shared student flats, each having between three and six bedrooms. Each student bedroom was to have it’s own en suite bathroom, but the kitchen and living facilities were to be shared.

After rigorous investigation, it was found that a cruciform plan would make the most efficient use of space. At its core there would be a vertical roof-lit atrium which would give free circulation within the building. An incidental benefit was that this concept reduced the basic cost of building per student so that the considerable saving could be allocated to increasing the quality of other aspects of the design.

This project also presented a unique opportunity to create a new master plan for the university campus by a fusion of soft and hard landscaping with outdoor spatial planning. So often architectural design is looked upon as relating only to buildings. Yet the external spaces which are created between buildings are just as important. When considering the master planning and landscaping of the area, we carefully analysed pedestrian and vehicular routes through the site and gave particular attention resolving conflicts between the two. The outdoor pedestrian circulation routes through the site were modelled as a sequence of successful outdoor spaces. Working in close collaboration with a talented landscape architect we were able to lift the quality of the whole proposal in a unified way, creating a sustainable and efficient new campus with a bright future. We firmly believe that by raising architectural standards and by creating an inspiring environment, we, in turn, raise peoples, in this case, students’, aspirations for their own future.

Project Type Campus Masterplanning / Student Residence
Accommodation 1000 student bedrooms
Location Bangor University, North Wales
Contract Value £35 million


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