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Multiple Unit Residential Development

Student Accommodation
An amazing maximisation of a tight and difficult site resulting in room numbers far beyond initial expectations.


Both partners had been involved in numerous student accommodation projects, but had never seen a site quite like this one. Aptly named Tumbling Hill Street, the site was a long sliver of land fronting a steeply inclined road on a hill. Although the project appeared at first to be a daunting one at first, on closer consideration a viable scheme began to emerge.. Because of the massing and the usage of buildings around the site, we found it possible to argue that a building of five to six storeys would be appropriate.

Our approach was to split the three independent parts joined into a linear mass. As our concepts and sketch schemes progressed, it became apparent that what at first seemed to be an unlikely solution was becoming an economically viable proposal which would bring 385 much needed student rooms into the heart of Bradford’s university district.

At Igloo we never accept preconceived ideas by either from ourselves or others. As designers, our job is constantly to challenge conventional ideas by thinking ‘unconventionally.

The partners then brought their experience to bear in developing the configuration of the scheme as an innovative back-to-back arrangement that was both highly efficient both spatially and also in respect of energy saving. The accommodation consisted of student flats each of which had between three and six bedrooms. Each student room had its own shower en suite, but the kitchen and living areas were shared.

This proposal was in accordance with the client’s financial strategy, but because of the overall spatial efficiency we achieved, we were able to improve on areas of the rooms, and this made the project more attractive commercially
Using materials sensitive to the urban landscape of Bradford, the scheme blended in with its surroundings harmoniously and led to little resistance from the planners and from local residents. Although highly constrained by economic factors, it was possible to create a building of lasting quality. Since completion the accommodation continues today to be highly in demand among the students of Bradford.

Project Type Student Residence
Accommodation 385 Student Bedrooms
Location Bradford, West Yorkshire
Contract Value £12 million


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