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Project Profile


A project for a prestigious Single House

Project Profile
The transformation of a run-down house to realise the potential of it's setting.

Garth View

Situated in a striking coastal location, the existing house had previously been extended in a piecemeal way and also had fallen into poor repair. The clients well understood how special and unique the site was, and aspired to create their dream home.
After a previous attempt with another designer, they decided to give Igloo Architecture an opportunity to submit proposals.
We were delighted and excited by the commission, because of the exceptional nature of the location and the
perceptive vision of the clients.

Following a series of visits to the site and consultations with the clients Igloo began a process of rigorous analysis into what was at the root of the problem. We believe that correct design decisions can only result from correct analysis. Because the house was at the top of a very steeply sloping garden ending at the beach, entry was at the upper floor level. It became apparent that the existing configuration of the house was dysfunctional. Moreover changes in floor-level between the extension and the original house destroyed any flow of space. Igloo proposed that it would be best to renovate, extend and reconfigure the existing dwelling. This led to an initial proposal for a design that reversed much of the accommodation between
the upper and lower floors and levelled out the discrepancy between the levels of the floors between
the original house and the extension.

Once we were convinced that the planned strategy was correct and that the client was in agreement, we then started to development the detailed design.. Working with a limited palate of materials, and using computerised three-dimensional design technology we were able to develop a poetic and contemporary building.

At Igloo, we believe strongly that design should never be a mere "knee-jerk" response, but that it evolves gradually. Beginning with analysis and progressing to informed conceptualisation and then to painstaking development of detailed plans the journey can never be short-circuited without jeopardising the end result.

The house was completed in January 2011

Project Type Prestigious Dwelling
Accommodation A Single House

Contract Value £500,000


“We know what we are but not what we may be"
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