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Multiple Unit Residential Development

Luxury Housing – Handforth, Cheshire
The creation a delightful scheme with a beautiful private garden, by sensitive response to the site and subtle use of detailing and materials.


The site is a triangular parcel of land adjacent to a traffic roundabout. The brief was to create desirable luxury flats for general sale and to maximise the site’s financial value. This is a frequent request to an architect and one that can either have a negative influence or, in contrast, it can be seen as a stimulus for creativity. At Igloo, we choose to see such situations as a creative challenge.. Architecture is all about creating successful and inspiring spaces, both internal and external. In his or her mind an architect will have vast resources of spatial configurations that work successfully in different scenarios. Maximising the desirability and commercial value of the developed site is entirely compatible with creating the best possible architecture.

In this spirit, we approached our concept of the project. The scheme was split into two separate buildings creating between them an intimate gated and walled garden. By careful retention of the existing mature landscaping, it was possible to create a haven of peace and tranquillity. As we so often reflect, the quality of space is the result of many subtle interrelating factors. In this case the strategy for creating the most successful configuration had many facets. These ranged from the functional aspect of ensuring that spaces were not overlooked to the contextual aspect of allowing the design to reflect Cheshire vernacular architecture by careful choice of detail and materials. Inside, the flats turned out to be just as successful, with vaulted ceilings and roof lights creating light and spacious interiors.

It is now several years since the flats were completed and they have held their value very well in a difficult housing market. The landscaping has matured and the buildings look as pristine as new. The development has been profitable, but just as important, it continues to benefit it’s occupants by it’s fitness for purpose through the clear strategic thinking that underpins it.

Project Type Multiple Unit Residential Development
Location Handforth, Cheshire


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