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Multiple Unit Residential Development

Lawson Street – Preston
Like an ocean liner cruising through an urban landscape, the project was a tour de force of maximisation of the possibilities of the site whilst at the same time it creating a variety of highly desirable residences.



Driven by the investment market the project was based on a long rectangular site in Preston. It. involved the creation of xxxx one and two bedroom flats in a building of five to six storeys with basement car parking. Sometimes both developers and designers fall into the trap of seeing this type of project as no more than a numbers game with the sole object of making the largest possible profit out of the site. However at Igloo, we firmly believe that architecture comes first and that profitability will follow as a natural consequence of strategic and inspired thinking during every stage in the process of design.

It was important from the start to consider the presence of the building within the surrounding urban townscape. Even though it is driven by investment economics, a new building of this kind and though it is surrounded by so much mediocrity and degeneration, it can still raise aspirations and so stimulate further attractive new developments. We like to think of the energy that we create when we design is contagious. In other words ‘success breeds success.’

Working closely with the client, we were able to fine-tune every aspect of the building’s design. By working into the detailed decision making process, we were able to drive the quality of the finished scheme upwards. This process of continuous refinement is at the core of our philosophy. No matter how well the design improves, we feel that there must always be some way of making it even better. Of course it gets more and more difficult the further you proceed in this manner and sometimes it can feel that you are hitting a barrier. But at other times it results in a key breakthrough that adds a totally new dimension to the scheme.

Eventually the design and the start of the project had to be frozen. But we could confidant that our approach to the process of design had created a much better building.

Project Type Multiple Unit Residential Development
Accommodation 85 one and two bedroom apartments
Location Preston, Lancashire
Contract Value £12 million


“We know what we are but not what we may be"
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