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High Street – Cheadle, Manchester

Retail / Housing
A pacesetting new development in the heart of a historical village suburb of Manchester

High Street Cheadle
High Street Cheadle
High Street Cheadle
High Street Cheadle

Conceived in the summer of 2008, this project was closely related to Igloo Architecture during the time of its formation.

Against all the odds we gained planning permission to develop a contemporary new building in the heart of a conservation area. The scheme consisted of a supermarket at ground floor with two storeys of residential accommodation above. We argued successfully that a pace-setting new building using high-quality materials would be justified because it would regenerate the area. The site was occupied by a single-storey shopping mall which was not making the best use of the economic potential of the site.

Our client wanted to build a new development and showed considerable long term vision and commitment together with preparedness for the close consultation that would be required to satisfy all the conditions necessary to make it possible to apply for and secure planning permission in circumstances of considerable difficulty.

The building which was proposed to replace the existing mall was configured to have a dual aspect with the ground floor retail units facing Cheadle High Street on one side and the main car parking area at the rear. Entrance to the residential part of the property, comprising of 14 flats, was to be from the car park side with the flats on two storeys above the retail premises in two blocks facing a landscaped amenity deck area.

We knew that to gain planning approval, we would have to achieve the highest quality in all aspects of the proposed design.
This included the careful selection and use of materials and the sensitive massing and organisation of the rhythm of the street frontage. After considerable further negotiations took place after initial planning approval had been granted, the design of the scheme was resolved to the satisfaction of all parties.

The retail unit has been taken by Sainsbury's and after the long journey of design and negotiation, construction is finally due to start. As the building rises from the ground, we at Igloo feel finally vindicated that our determination has paid off and that we, ourselves have taken a key step towards consolidating our presence as architects capable of developing commercial projects in a difficult economic and subject to very difficult planning circumstances.

Project Type
Accommodation Supermarket
Ground Floor with 14 flats above
Location Cheadle, Manchester
Contract Value £2 million

“We know what we are but not what we may be"
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