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Multiple Unit Residential Development

Project Profile
A dynamic catalyst in the regeneration of the north side of Manchester


Although our city centres have benefitted from investment and regeneration, yet if you walk for just five minutes from the centre you can still be confronted with decay and neglect in the buildings and the environment. We know all too well the disillusionment and despair that follows. Architecture is closely linked to people’s hopes and aspirations and it will in turn determine
human behaviour.

So often a vicious circle results in the blighting of whole areas of our towns and cities.

At Igloo we feel passionately about the power of architecture to reverse this cycle and transform it into a virtuous circle where the spark of just one inspirational building can trigger regeneration.

In an area of Manchester just north of the city centre, the opportunity arose to do just this by he development of a major site. Historically called Angel Meadows, it presented us with a complicated set of challenges including the site itself, the need for economic viability and not least the complex problem of reconciling our proposals with local planning policy. From the start the concept had to satisfy not only the need for economic viability and meet the various restrictions of the site, itself, but it also had to allow the development of a truly visionary building.

As the design evolved there emerged a sculptural quality with five carefully intersecting blocks cascading from high to low in order to link a dynamically landscaped amenity space erected above two layers of car parking in the under-croft. A series of creative ideas were used in order to overcome initial resistance and to raise aspirations. Once the tide had turned the project truly took on a life of its own which exceeded all expectations, including our own.

As we used sophisticated computer visualisation, the excitement grew as each development in the design added to the rich tapestry of interwoven ideas and solutions. Here at Igloo we believe that design is primarily a process and one that
is truly multi-faceted.

Project Type Multiple Unit Residential Development
Accommodation 250 one to three
bedroom apartments
Location Rochdale Road, Manchester
Contract Value £25 million


“We know what we are but not what we may be"
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